Meeting of the Minds 2017

YOUR Meeting of the Minds 2017 Update!
Hello Everyone! Meeting of the Minds 2017 registration closed on September 15th! Did you miss the registration deadline? Did something change where all of the sudden you found yourself in a position to join your PHriends at the end of the road and you are not registered? I have been getting email from people wanting to attend the event but registration had closed after being open for over nine months! There is a way to help YOU if needed….see the on site registration section below!
I am getting email from concerned registered Parrot Heads asking if we are having an event. YES!  Meeting of the Minds 2017 is on track and we are getting ready to roll out the carpet for YOU. Key West is cleaning up and they are telling me every day that they want YOU in town for Meeting of the Minds 2017! They need you and your money to help Key West and the lower keys recover! The local officials opened the city for tourists today!
I want to let everyone know who wants to help the local area that there is a way to help the Key West community! When I want the pulse of the community I go to the Key West mayor’s wife Cheryl Cates. Last night I had a conversation and asked “How can the Parrot Heads help Key West and the Keys recover from hurricane Irma when we arrive in late October? Cheryl told me that most of the clean-up in Key West will be complete  in Key West  by the time we get there but there is a way for us to help! For anyone who wants to help the area recover bring shoes. Yes shoes…anywhere from a kindergarten size to something that will fit a high school student. Male and female. Pack them in your luggage…ship them to the Casa Marina...If you are shipping them send them on OCTOBER 23 (not sooner) to The Casa Marina Resort care of Cheryl Cates, Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. 1500 Reynolds Street, Key West, Florida 33040. We are going to collect these shoes in the Mini Mart at Meeting of the Minds and I hope we have to bring a tractor trailer in to stack them up. They are going to be distributed by “Kids Come First” and Cheryl is going to personally deliver them as she is a board member for the agency. PHiP will get the shoes to her after MOTM is finished. As always Cheryl and the Mayor of Key West Craig Cates will be at MOTM….If you are on Facebook you can see the Kid’s Come First page at 
Christmas Shopping in Key West!
If you want to help a little more buy some of your Christmas gifts in Key West! You can have key lime pies delivered back home for presents…there are all kinds of things you can take home or even ship home. Buy for your PHriends and PHamily and leave some of your money in the local economy! That will help! If you want to purchase a gift card in Key West and donate it to our MOTM Toy Drive we will make sure it goes to help someone! Buy the gift cards in Key West at CVS, Walgreens, K Mart and any of the area stores and shops. Spend local and our adopted home town of Key West will recover faster.
Parrot Heads helping Parrot Heads
There is a lot of email going around right now about the Lone Palm Foundation.  Lone Palm is the charitable arm of Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. and we are actively helping Parrot Heads who have had storm damages in the Texas region from hurricane Harvey as well as hurricane Irma in Florida and the Southeast. Parrot Head Clubs all over the country have been contributing in a BIG way to Lone Palm to help our PHriends in need. We will also have another auction at MOTM 2017 on Saturday with lots of great Jimmy Buffett autographed items to raise even more money. Lone Palm is there to help YOU if needed! Our PARROT HEAD CLUBS ROCK! They are sending awesome donations to help others!
If you haven't already heard... there is a brand new Mac McAnally cd release today! “Southbound” is the new title. Mac is graciously sending some autographed cds and t shirts to Key West for Meeting of the Minds 2017 so we can give them to YOU. On Saturday from the main stage your PHiP raffle and PHiP Scholarship raffle tickets will give you a chance to win one of several autographed cd and shirts thanks to Mac! We are going to draw the winning tickets from the stage! So buy your raffle tickets to help others and stand by to see if you can take one of these autographed cds home! If you can’t wait for the chance to win be sure to go purchase or download Mac's latest today!    #Southbound
Announcing On Site Registration for Meeting of the Minds 2017
First you MUST be a Parrot Head Club member to attend MOTM. You know we verify EVERY club member who attends every year. This is an IRS requirement. 
When we are in Key West we DO NOT have the ability to verify your membership. Come to the registration area and fill out the special ”MOTM On-Site Registration / Virtual Club Membership form”. Please DO NOT join the Virtual Club before showing up to register on-site, as, again we will not be able to confirm your membership. Fill out the form, the registration cost is $90.00, the Virtual Club membership cost is $30.00, late fee is $30.00.  
You will not get a free event t-shirt or gift bag when you on-site register. Remember we had to order that stuff in mid-September and you missed the deadline. Late Registration? $30.00 fee. Why? Because we want you to register before the deadline so we can prepare everything for you in advance. Registration is open for well over 9 months...We don’t want you to register late…this is only to help people who have a situation that did not allow a regular registration during the year. So, the cost to attend MOTM via late registration is $150.00 on-site. You will walk away with a personalized credential and wristband that allows you to attend all events at the Casa Marina and even ride the shuttle all over the island during the event.  Remember there is no free event shirt or gift bag with on-site registration but you are then ready to join your PHriends and see the show!!  
If you want to register on site be sure to show up during regular registration hours as there are NO exceptions to these hours. We have an awesome registration crew that are all-volunteer and they need to enjoy MOTM too! On-site registration is during the normal registration hours of Thursday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Friday 9:00 AM to noon, as well as 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, and Saturday from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Remember you will be registering up front at the Casa Marina in the ballroom beside the lobby. No one will be able to enter the Casa Marina without a credential and wristband during MOTM when registration starts on Thursday.
$150.00 cash or credit card will be accepted for registration on-site during the hours listed above. Once aga