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Hey BeachBums and Parrotheads,


Check out this exciting cruise opportunity on a Trop Rock "License To Chill Cruise" aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the premier Cruise Liners anywhere.  A cruise to Alaska with Trop Rockers Rob Mehl and Bob Karwin is a great way to enjoy your cruise experience on your way to explore Alaska.  See the flyer below and contact Georgia and Fred McFarlin for details about the cruise and the special BeachFront Radio bonus offer for signing up for the cruise. Don't miss the fun and adventure of an Alaskan Cruise.  Click HERE for the link or the poster image below. Be sure to mention BeachFront Radio to get the extra BeachFront swag bonus.   The best way to book your cruise is to call us directly at Travel by Georgia 470/440-5576.


*** An Official BeachFront Radio Sponsored Event ***



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We hope the New Year is starting off well for you and we look forward to a Kewl and Phun 2020. Here are a couple of show time changes.

The popular Five O'clock Buffett show will now feature a new show just once per month and will air 4 times a week instead of 8.  And it will be an hour show instead of just 30 minutes.

Fri at 5 PM Sat 2:20 PM, Mon 4:40 PM, Wed 5 AM EST

the next week will be . . .

Fri at 5 PM Sun 7 AM, Tues 4:40 PM and Thurs 1:45 PM.

The Trop 5 will continue with 5 airings per week, see the schedule a little further down on this page.

Then we are proud to usher in a brand new show that will be heard exclusively right here on BeachFront Radio. A show that is close to my heart featuring stories and songs about the roots of Trop Rock music featuring National, and International Songwriters, Singers, Bands and Radio Shows from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s and some even earlier. In my book "Trop Rock Songs Stories and Tales" (2011) I mentioned the fact that many people were playing "Trop Rock" like songs a long time ago and so DJ John has found recordings of old shows from long ago. The show is called "78s by Hank Snow". As DJ John will play and discuss radio shows from the past and explain the connections as only he can.  The shows will air every Monday and Thursday at 8 PM EST and the show is one hour long.





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Announcing the All new - - -

Year of 2019 Trop10 Countdown List.

Catch the airing of the countdown every Monday (9 PM EST), Tues (5 AM. downunder listeners), Wed (2 PM), Fri (10 AM) and Sat (4 PM) with a new show each month.

Trop10 Countdown for the Year of 2019.


1 – Donny Brewer - Living in a Postcard

2 - Paul Overstreet - Buffett Would Love it

3 – James T Slater - Buffett List

4 - Caroline Jones - Gulf Coast Girl

5 – Thom and Coley Shepherd - Tastes Just Like Vacation

6 - Cory Young and Jenn Bostic - The Sheets Full of Sand

7 - The Boat Drunks - Pirate on the Caribbean (Live recording)

8 - Donovan Lee Carpenter - Another Beach Song

9 - Jimmy Buffett - Moon Fog

10 - Boomer Blake with Erica Sunshine Lee and Danny Rosado

      Down by the Coast Line



= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

And now a report from our Ambassador from Pennsylvania, Craig Guest . . .


Peter Mayer’s  “Echoes of the Season” - 20th Anniversary Celebration

The night was filled with Joy, Happiness and Faith and Believing in that “Special One” above.

Peter started out with “Angels We Have Heard on High”.  He used four different guitars in the next song. The music was so good and unbelievable!  The Christmas songs were very, very inspiring.  They also played “Bossanova” music from “Stars & Promises” and “The Little Drummer Boy”.

Peter shared that he grew up in India, the child of American Missionaries.
Later, he returned to the U.S.

He has a strong musical background, including having been a faculty member of Webster University’s School of Music where he taught Jazz Guitar

Peter lives in Nashville now and has played guitar with Jimmy Buffett for the last 30 years. He has also released many albums on his own over the years. His newest album “Passages” is excellent.  Peter is a very talented creator of both words and music.

Now, I would like to introduce Peter’s amazing & talented band:

1.  Brendon Mayer.  Brendon is also a great song-writer and has an album soon to be released.
2.  Zeb Briskovic.  Zeb plays acoustic guitar and electric base.
3.  Miles Vandiver.  Miles plays the drums.  he is also the Jazz Drum Set Director for Southern Illinois University.
4.  Alex Stewart.  Alex played a whole stand of wooden flutes so well !
He also surprised the audience when he entered the auditorium playing the bag pipes. He is a junior at the University of North Carolina, majoring in the oboe.
5.  Josee Weigand.  Josse plays the violin extremely well.  She really added to the thrill of this special night!  She has also performed at the Ascend Amphitheater and at Red Rocks. Josee has another passion-The Theater.  Her original musical “Falling Out” Is scheduled to premiere off Broadway next year.  

I loved hearing such great music from so many fine musicians!
If you want a real treat for the Christmas Season next year, don’t miss it!

The show was sponsored by the Berks County Parrot Head Club.  It was a Benefit Show for the Berks County Crime Alert, a great cause.

Craig Guest
BeachFront Radio and Trop Rock Music Association Ambassador

Please Note:

Coming Soon from Parrot Nest House Concerts:

Singer-Songwriter:  Dennis McCaughey.  Dennis has played for 12 years/150 shows a yr.  He has opened for Jimmy Buffett, Scott Kirby and Peter Mayer.

Date:  Saturday, March 21, 2020
Time:  “Meet & Greet” at 5:30 PM;  “Tunes” at 6:30 to 9:30 PM
Place:  708 Green Meadow Dr., Douglassville, Pa. 19518
Cost:  $20.00 pp by check to Craig Guest at the above address or
Contact:  cguest71@gmail.com


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Welcome to our latest Sponsor - - -

The Colebrookdale Railroad !!!  

Website: colebrookdalerailroad.com    or click HERE


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to travel on a train back in time to when the country was being explored by our early pioneers?



Experience the wonder and splendor of the bygone era of the Titanic (1900 to 1916) aboard the Colebrookdale Railroad. Travel Through Pennsylvania's Secret valley, enjoy a five star meal, listen to the grand piano, or sip a specialty cocktail as the train crosses tall timber trestles and deep rock cuts on one of the northeast's most scenic journeys unspoiled by time. The Colebrookdale's Secret Valley looks much the same today as it would to the iron-willed pioneers who first ventured along its cold, rushing creeks three centuries ago. Santa trains, foliage trains, and a host of special events make the Colebrookdale Railroad perfect for making lasting memories.


Visit colebrookdalerailroad.com and book your trip today for the adventure of a lifetime into the past. 

Read more about this unique Train Adventure in Pennsylvania's Secret valley aboard the Colebrookdale Railroad right HERE.



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Inspirational Isle is back !!! and will air every Sunday.

Tiki Thom brings you songs of Life, Love and Inspiration to reflect upon and maybe allow you to slow down and not take life at such a hectic pace.

It can be heard every Sunday at 11 AM amd 8 PM EST, exclusively on BeachFront Radio - - -


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A new exciting TROP ROCK movie was premiered in Key West during MOTM 2018 at the Key West Movie Theatre. Click the poster below to get all the details about the movie and how to get the DVD. The creator and director of the movie Todd Norwood was at MOTM to showcase the premier of the movie. The turnout was great and the response was fantastic, many people bought the DVD and many more were purchased throughout MOTM at the mini-mart and other events, like the BeachFront Radio Welcome party where Todd announced the premier and sold DVDs.


* * *  AND NOW ITS ON DIGITAL right HERE* * *

The release date for the Digital download of the movie is Tuesday, April 23, 2019.  Amazon Prime is the only outlet so far. More will be announced when they are available and all the links will be posted right here very soon.

Here is the link, bit.ly/ctslaunch or click HERE


Email Todd Norwood directly to order a DVD or any other specifics of the Digital version, etc.

email: info@islandtimefilm.com

website: islandtimefilm.com

DVDs can be purchased directly from Todd by emailing him.


* * * Note: currently the DVDs are on back order as the first release has SOLD OUT.




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Please Welcome the newest addition to our Ambassador family  -  - -

Fred McFarlin and his wife Georgia McFarlin -


Fred is a longtime fan and supporter of Trop Rock, whose connection to BeachFront Radio goes back to an early friendship with founder DJ Jeff Allen. Past BFR fans may remember him from shows like "Trop Rock Artist Spotlight" and "Trop Rockin' Live" - which earned him a Trop Rock Music Award nomination for Radio Show of the Year. he lives in Atlanta with his wife and fellow Trop Rock fan, Georgia McFarlin. Together they operate the Trop Rock and Parrot Head friendly travel agency. "Travel by Georgia".


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Would you be interested in being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador?


email us at:   andy@beachfrontradio.com


Go to the BeachFront Ambassador section to see who our BeachFront Ambassadors are and learn a little bit more about them. And what being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador is all about.

Click HERE to go to the Ambassador page.

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We would like to welcome our latest Sponsors and fine additions to the Tropical Mall. This one in the Jewelry section.

Tradewinds Galleria

on the Island of St.Thomas in Red Hook.

Tradewinds Galleria is happy to offer you an amazing variety of the finest jewelry in the Caribbean. Caribbean Hook Bracelets in a variety of styles, in silver, gold and twotone.

Visit our Tropical Mall page HERE to see more and then go to their website and see all they have to offer and place your order for the finest Caribbean Jewelry at prices you cannot beat in any other store in the island.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


And this one is in the Lifestyle section HERE.

Youngevity and the products 90 For Life and Rebound. For healthy living and added energy check out Rebound to keep you going whether involved in a sporting activity or just working hard and feeling a little run down. Rebound is the natural way to boost your energy and stamina level.

The 90 For Life vitamins and minerals provides all the nutrients your body needs to live a healthy life.  Check out the videos and go to the Youngevity web site for more information, testimonials and to buy the products.















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             Be sure to check out our two latest additions to the Tropical Mall.

"Designs by Polly" in the Tropical Clothing section of the Tropical Mall. A very cool 100% Cotton shirt in all different sizes. Email Polly for prices and how to get it shipped fast. PayPal option is coming soon. Check out the shirts HERE and get Polly's email

Then in the Tropical Jewelry section HERE you can purchase items from "Earthsea Glass" and all the really cool Parrothead items including the new Purple Parrot in a Palm Tree. A great gift anytime in honor of the new Jimmy Buffett "12 days of Christmas" music video. PayPal options are now available in our Tropical Mall. There are also bracelets, necklaces and so much more all hand made.  email Lynn for prices and other merchandise and how to get your order shipped fast. email is on her home page HERE.
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