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Hey BeachBums and Parrotheads,


Be sure to catch this week's exclusive interivew with a sensational talent. She has a current Top 40 song on the Country charts and is also on the TROP5 Countdown at #3 with I'm a Pirate, Please welcome Erica Sunshine Lee. She is kind of new to the Trop Rock world and was at MOTM in Key West last month and played at many events around town including our Sunday Trop Rock All Star Show at the Smokin' Tuna.

Her CD Buried Treasure is full of great Trop Rock songs.

The Interview can be heard this Tuesday, Dec 11 at 7 PM EST, Wed, Dec 12 at 1 PM and again on Thurs, Dec 13 at 9 AM and 8 PM.

Her website is: www.ericasunshinelee.com

Facebook is: Erica Sunshine Lee Music

Instagram: Erica Sunshine Lee

Twitter: Erica Sunshine Le (yes Le not Lee) listen to the inverview to find out why.


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Here is the latest Trop5 countdown list. Catch the airing of the countdown every Monday (9 PM EST), Wed (2 PM), Fri (10 AM) and Sat (4:00 PM) with a new show each month.  New time on Tues (5 AM) . . . for our Down Under listeners.


Trop5 Countdown for December 2018.

1 – Don Middlebrook - Mexico Beach

2 – Omari Banks - Reggae Summertime

3 – Erica Sunshine Lee - I'm a Pirate

4 – Randy Moore - I Could Live Here

5 – Kapt'N Kirk - Somewhere in the Tropics


A little note here: Several of you have asked for more Omari Banks. Yes we will be getting more of his songs playing soon. In fact we will be doing an interview with him very soon and hope to get all of his songs playing on BeachFront Radio soon. Thanks for the emails about the music we play. It is appreciated.

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A new exciting TROP ROCK movie was premiered in Key West during MOTM this year at the Key West Movie Theatre. Click the poster below to get all the details about the movie and how to get the DVD. The creator and director of the movie Todd Norwood was at MOTM this year.


email: info@islandtimefilm.com

website: islandtimefilm.com

DVDs can be purchased directly from Todd by emailing him. Also online coming soon on iTunes, Amazon and Googleplay.

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Hey BeachBums and Parrotheads, Below is a message from Don Middlebrook and his CD Mexico Beach and the fundraiser that he is running to help get Mexico Beach back on its feet.


 **** Special announcement. At MOTM this year, through the generosity of our BeachBum fans at our events we raised $1400 to help the Mexico Beach Hurricane Relief effort run by Don Middlebrook. We presented a check to him on Sunday while he was performing at the Conch Republic.


From Don . . . .

The Mexico Beach area of the Florida panhandle has been devastated. To help with hurricane recovery efforts, we are donating 100% of the proceeds from downloads of our song "Mexico Beach." (Link below)

This will continue until I walk back through the doors of Mango Marley's. Mango Marley's Mexico Beach gave this song LIFE, and now, this song will do all it can to give LIFE back to Mexico Beach.

PLEASE SHARE with all your friends!



Go to CD Baby HERE

Twitter Hash tags below:

#hurricanemichael #mexicobeach #mangomarleys #puretroprock


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Our new feature is a weekly editorial by one of our BeachFront Radio Ambassadors.


This one is from Andy with his MOTM 2018 report from Key West.

Hey BeachBums,

The weather for MOTM this year could not have been much better. Only rained on one day for a few of hours but the rain cooled things off a bit. The first couple of days were pretty humid but sunny. So enough of the weather report how about the music. Lots of new talent and old favorites again this year that made the week not want to end. The pit stops heading down to MOTM were filled with many of the musicians and Parrotheads on their way to Key West. BeachFront Radio kicked things off on Wednesday with our “BeachFront Radio Welcome to MOTM 2018 party”. This was the 10th year we held the event and the 8th year at the Smokin’ Tuna, wow. And our emcee this year was none other than the Entertainer of the Year, Donny Brewer. His very first set of songs in the Keys was at the Dockside Tropical Café BeachFront Radio Pit Stop in 2015. And since then he has been performing all over the country at Parrothead events and other musical gigs and racking up the TRMA awards and becoming the most sought after performer in all of Trop Rock and has written songs with dozens of the Trop Rock artists and recorded those songs in his Winnebago Studio. Also in his Winnebago he heads up the Karavan to the Keys every year on the way to MOTM.

The lineup of Trop Rock personalities at the Welcome Party this year included Eric Erdman, Sunny Jim, Isabella Steffania, Christine Jackson, Tom and Michelle Becker (Latitude), Jonas Lawrence, Mike Nash, Barefoot Reggie Starrett, and Aaron Scherz.  It was a great show and best of all through our 50/50, and Raffle we raised nearly $600 to help the Don Middlebrook Mexico Beach Hurricane Relief effort that he started soon after the Hurricane devastated the Mexico Beach area.

All proceeds from the online sale of his song “Mexico Beach” goes to that effort and you can see the link to it on our BeachFront Radio home page and help out the cause.

OK, then there was lots more music and shenanigans on Wednesday because it was Halloween on the Island. Here’s a couple of pictures for you. And then MOTM officially started on Thursday with registration at the Casa Marina Resort Hotel.   And lots and lots of music including the Trop Rockin’ Magazine People’s Choice Awards. A brand new award presentation for Trop Rock.

Then on Friday at the Smokin’ Tuna we held the very first BeachFront Radio Tribute Show featuring iconic artists past and present. We kicked things off with Jimi Pappas doing songs from his JP Covers JT CD and other JT classics. Then Elvis entered the Building in the form of Tiki Thom Starkey where he did a Medley of Elvis songs from the Blue Hawaii CD and others. He also offered up some Elvis memorabilia to help with the Mexico Beach relief effort. Following that Harry Chapin songs were performed by none other than the flamboyant and dynamic crowd favorite Jack Mosley. I think he had as much fun as anyone doing his rendition of classic and not so classic Harry Chapin tunes along with telling some stories about the tunes that many may not of heard before. Lots of people posted pictures and short clips of him singing his songs on Facebook. John Friday even helped him out on a couple of tunes. Then not to be outdone, John Friday closed out the afternoon for us singing memorable and classic John Prine tunes including “You Got Gold” which I sat in with him. What an honor to do that song with John Friday. It was just a lot of fun. Then Jack came up to help John Friday on a song or two also.  What a great afternoon of Tribute music at the Smokin’ Tuna.  Of course the Street Fest was also going on for those that wanted to stand up and be crowded in on Duval Street for over 5 hours to see The Trop Rock Junkies, The Divers (Tall Paul and guests) and The Boat Drunks.  

Also all week long my favorite time to relax is at the Lighthouse Court with Kelly McGuire and listening to a whole host of fantastic artists everyday from 2-5 +++ PM and finishing up on Sunday from 12-3 +++ PM.  There are so many wonderful artists you just don’t want it to end and sometimes it almost doesn’t.

Friday evening on the Casa main stage was the TRMA awards. And all week long there were top name acts performing all week. And Pool side at the Casa also showcased some cool musical talent as well.  Just about anywhere you went this year there was top talent all over town. Not only amazing talent from all over the country but some pretty good local talent that perform there all year round too.

Then to top things off we held our second annual “Smokin’ Hot Trop Rock All Star Show Sunday at the Tuna” brought to you by BeachFront Radio, from 3-7 PM. The Emcee this year was Rob Hill who was also the emcee and the organizer for the TRMA Award winning Laid Back Attack Small Event of the Year held in Olympia, Washington. We had just another outstanding lineup this year with many surprise guests as well.  We kicked things off with Rob Hill who was accompanied on dualing violins by Emilee Randal and JD Edge, both TRMA musician of the year nominees. Also all weekend long we had the artists sign a guitar that we were Auctioning off for the Mexico Beach relief effort.  Then JD Edge did a few of his songs. And a surprise guest performer Wes Loper did a few of his hit songs for us and really set the stage for what was to come, and he was helped out by JD on violin for a couple of songs. Then making it up on stage was Bill Cockrell and TRMA musician of the year nominee John Beck. Eric Erdman was joined on stage with Emily Randall for a few songs. And then stepping up on stage for the first time this year in Key West was Erica Sunshine Lee the Georgia Female Artist of the year a couple of years ago and a Country Top 40 charting songwriter. And to keep the great new female talent blossoming was the under age (19) Isabella Steffania bringing her great new songs to the Smokin’ Tuna Stage. And later in her set she was joined on stage by Erica Sunshine Lee, Rob Hill, Danny Rosado and Donny Brewer.  And yet another outstanding female artist Robin Tricker from New Jersey stepped up onto the Tuna stage with her band, Rich Stefayo and Robbie Viola and knocked out some of her best songs. We then held our 50/50 and Raffle drawings, ironically all won by one table, what were the odds.  Danny Rosado then did a few of his songs including, “Apologies to Jim Morris” his crowd favorite. He was joined on stage by Boomer Blake and Jonas Lawrence where the all did a song or two.

The anticipation of the night was then culminated with the Auctioning of the guitar signed by many of the Trop Rock artists attending this year at MOTM. The guitar ended up going for $600 (To John and Dee Randolph, John and Andy pictured below) and put our total for the Mexico Beach Hurricane Relief effort at $1400. We presented the check to Don Middlebrook during a break of his performance at the Conch Republic later that evening.

So, then we continued the Show at the Tuna with Thom Shephard TRMA Songwriter of the Year, who performed a show of his own at the Smokin’ Tuna early on during MOTM.  Then many of the artists started stepping up on Stage to join in the music fun including Rob Hill, Donny Brewer, Wes Loper, Eric Erdman and Drop Dead Dangerous dynamic duo Kitty Steadman and TRMA Musician of the Year Djembe Babe Melonie Howe.

What a great night it was at the Smokin’ Tuna again this year and all ofour BeachFront Radio shows. We look forward to making it back next year with more great shows again. Stay tuned and keep listening to BeachFront Radio.


Keep on Trop Rockin’

From your head BeachBum, Andy.



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Would you be interested in being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador?



email us at:   andy@beachfrontradio.com


Go to the BeachFront Ambassador section to see who our BeachFront Ambassadors are and learn a little bit more about them. And what being a BeachFront Radio Ambassador is all about.

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