Trop Rock Artists
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Hana, Ricky

Ricky Hana made his CD debut in 2010 and within one month won a Hawaii Music Award, got the lead song in the Lifetime movie thriller “Deadly Honeymoon” and performed on a CBS morning show in Honolulu. His newly released 2nd CD “Chillaxin” just won another Hawaii Music Award. His Cali/Hawaii chillaxin sound, along with a tropical beach and a bevy of your choice, is the perfect way to spend a sunny summer afternoon. Ricky’s touring days sharing the same bill with great bands like the Beach Boys and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, compliments Alan’s musical history of film/TV.


Homemade Wine

Some say Homemade Wine is a tropical rock band. Some say Homemade Wine is a country band. Still others insist Homemade Wine is a southern-rock acoustic band. While any or all of these could apply, it is safe to say Homemade Wine is intent on creating a new genre of music, their own genre of music.


Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24

Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band are the real deal….an all original tropical island band capable of supporting both small and large events. The band has recorded four CDs filled with over forty all originals that always please the crowd. The band is also flexible and fully functional from an intimate three-piece to a ten-piece including a horn section. Howard is also available as a solo performer. The music of Mile Marker 24 offers universal appeal with an easy going lilt and sway that celebrates the human spirit while being underscored by steel drums, guitars, marimba and subtle strings. Mile Marker 24 has been on the fast track, growing in popularity from the most popular band in the Florida Keys to clearly a favorite nationwide.


Hugo Duarte

Hugo Duarte is a great storyteller, a first-class songwriter, a talented musician and true Southern gentleman. His songs will make you laugh, make you cry, make you proud to be an American and if you really listen, they'll make you think.

Hugo passed away after his courageous battle with cancer on November 7, 2014. We miss you and will always remember your stories, your laughter and that big ol smile. Rest in peace my friend, you will always be remembered and loved.

To read the Obituary for Hugo that was posted in the Charlotte Observer click HERE.


Ilo Ferreira

Ilo Ferreira was an unknown singer-songwriter from Cape Verde, an island off the coast of West Africa. Then Jimmy Buffett and several notable colleagues stumbled upon Ferreira on their way to a music festival in Mali several years ago and have since taken the kid under their wing. "I had decided to make music my profession and I was just getting started on it and suddenly they stopped by my island," Ferriera tells Spinner. "They put together a jam session where we all played and I played a few songs and they liked it and they brought me here. And, well, that's it."


Island Castaways Band

The Island Castaways Band (TICB) is quickly becoming one of New England's favorite Trop Rock bands. Their songs are currently being played on college and commercial radio stations across the United States.
All originals are created by collaboration so the band usually has several credits listed for each song, hey it takes a team! The Island Castaways Band are Paul Kane - Guitar/Vocals, Joe Holewa - Electric Bass Guitar, Scott Ciprari - Drums, Rick Labak - Vocals, Heather Peck Ouellette - Vocals, Caitlin Peck - Vocals, and John Guertin - Percussion.


Jack Mosley

Jack Mosley, originally from Panama City Florida, is a natural born story teller and that is obvious when you listen to the songs he writes. It is no wonder that his early influences were Dan Fogleberg, Harry Chapin and Jimmy Buffett.
After living in Nashville for nine years honing his song writing skills, Jack and his wife Debra re-located back to his home State of Florida where he quickly fell into the "TropRock" music scene and started writing the kind of music that is near and dear to his heart.


Jake and the Half Conched Band

My music is a mixture of the Alabama coast and the lower Keys with a touch of that Texas Rawness we love. I grew up and loved the sound of the singers/songwrites of the 70's. The music was simple, the lyrics had meaning and people could relate it to their own lives. I want to create the things that made you fall in love with that music. Instead of following in the footsteps, I want to recreate the ones that have been forgotten or washed away by the tide. Like the songs says "I like my music, I love my music, I like my music like I like my oysters....Raw!


Jambo Joe Bones

A Northern Wisconsin native, Jambo Joe Bones grew up playing guitar, piano and drums in a musically-charged household. Raised on the lakes and rivers of the Great Northwoods, his young mind was further fueled by yearly trips to visit grandparents in South Florida, and later, attending college in the mountains of Montana. Obviously, geography and landscape play a large role in his storytelling, as do the people he's met along the way.

His live shows can be mellow and sentimental one night, and raunchy and rummy the next. Describing his style, Jambo says "With the mix of music I play, ranging from the Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce era, to the Buffett tunes, raunchy country, reggae, and laid-back rock, my friends came up with the perfect description -- "Mustache Rock!"" Although he's been playing live shows for several years, Jambo's debut CD of original music, Bar On A Beach, was released in March 2010.


Jerry Diaz and Hannah's Reef

Hanna’s Reef is THE premier "Gulf Coast Beach Band". Based out of the Galveston Bay-Port Arthur area, this band knows firsthand about life on the Texas coast. In fact, the band's name comes from a popular fishing spot in Galveston Bay, near where the band members live. Hanna's Reef blends a mixture of their own extensive catalog of original beach (and sailing) songs, with classic Jimmy Buffett cover tunes. And to round things out, they throw in other fun "tropical" cover tunes to complete their repertoire.


Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry Jeff has lived - and is still living - the troubadour's life. Lots of musicians talk about the road; Jerry Jeff really is the kid who rode his thumb out of his hometown in upstate New York to such exotic destinations as Key West (where he introduced another young musician named Jimmy Buffett to the pleasures of island life).
He's played for four or five presidents, toured in Lear Jets and bought a second home in Belize (the fruits, in part, of having penned an American pop standard, "Mr. Bojangles"). But even with all that, Jerry Jeff still sees the world with a troubadour's eyes. His songs are the way he makes the world make sense, how he passes on stories of the people he meets, the way he feels on a given morning.


Jim Asbell

Born and raised in Atlanta, Jim started playing electric guitar at age 15. His father was a jukebox repairman, and he made sure that young Jim stayed well-stocked with 45's of the music of the day. Years later, a friend of Jim's (who was a huge Buffett fan) introduced him to the Trop-Rock genre. He was immediately hooked and began playing acoustic tunes again. His duo was later hired as a Buffett tribute act by folks from the Atlanta and Lake Lanier Parrothead Clubs, and they've been building steam ever since. Jim has also, with the help of the Tropiholics band, recorded 2 CD’s of original music.


Jim Hoehn

Jim Hoehn is a Milwaukee-based journalist, author and songwriter who discovered early that putting pen to paper was a legitimate way of avoiding any form of manual labor, leading to a career path that has included newspapers, magazines and wire services. As a songwriter he has performed at numerous festivals and events around the country and has opened for a wide variety of national artists, including the likes of Warren Zevon, Jerry Jeff Walker, Junior Brown, Robert Earl Keen, Don McLean, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and a memorable evening with songwriter-turned-mystery novelist Kinky Friedman.


Jimi Banks

Beach music with an attitude!!! My Music is a mix of Reggae, Latin and Carribean vibes with a dash of humor and the "lifestyle" that I love and embrace everyday here in paradise. It is faithful to my Parrothead roots and my Reggae soul.


Jimi Pappas

Jimi Pappas was born in New Jersey to a musical family. He made his mark as an ace heavy rock drummer and lead singer. In the late 70’s and early 80’s he played with many top bands in New York/New Jersey area, always searching for that elusive BIG record deal and contributing as a song writer from behind the drums.  For 2010, look for Jimi's as the drummer for Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band! Also he may be seen with the likes of Sunny Jim White, Tropical Soul,John Patti,Charlie D, John Frinzi Band and many more ! Jimi hopes to be playing some of his original music at his acoustic shows and putting together a full line up for his band Island Dog.


Jim Mayer

Who is "Uncle Jim"?

Still touring and writing with Jimmy Buffett after 17 years, Jim Mayer is also becoming widely known as "Uncle Jim." With 20 nieces and nephews of his own, Mayer knows what kids like!
His talent shines on both electric and upright acoustic bass, playing with performers ranging from jazz legend Mose Allison to Ringo Starr.


Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band

Jim Morris is an articulate singer/songwriter with a devotion to storytelling. Whether it is a thoughtful ballad about doomed love or an anthem to a night of drunken revelry, the listener can always count on well-crafted songs with carefully drawn characters, clever lyrics, and satirical charm. Although Jim’s musical style is admittedly reminiscent of Jimmy Buffett and Jerry Jeff Walker, he has a knack for defying categorization. He mixes a whimsical island sound with a splash of Texas to produce a sound that is uniquely Gulf and Western.


Jimmy and The Parrots

One of the most requested Jimmy Buffett cover bands in the country, Jimmy and the Parrots perform not only all the great Buffett songs you love, they also play new and classic rock ‘n roll, as well as outstanding original songs written by lead singer/guitarist Jimmy Maraventano. So grab your beach chair, your suntan oil, and your favorite drink, and get ready for a trip to the islands!


Jimmy Buffett

 The "Father of Trop Rock".  Period.

Jimmy Parrish and The Ocean Waves Band

A native Floridian and long-time resident of Jacksonville, Jimmy’s been singing and playing for twenty-seven years and performing actively along the east coast since 1990. After forming The Ocean Waves Band in 2000, his goal was to entertain the Parrot Heads and audiences throughout the region with an island style tropical flavor. The Ocean Waves Band is made up of a group of incredibly talented musicians that have earned a significant and loyal following in the northeast Florida area.


J Michael Lafferty

Michael calls South Padre Island Texas “home”. His music, a reflection of his island lifestyle and tropical surroundings, is garnering recognition, in the Americana/Texas Music genre in the States as well as Europe, and he has become a defining benchmark in the emerging “Gulf Coast Americana” market.  Kicking back on a sunny tropical beach with a "umbrella drink" in hand and a bucket of longnecks at your feet; That's where your mind will take you with J. Micheal.a singer, songwriter & storyteller of "Texas Music.Island Style".


Joe Bennett

Until recently NOLA was the home of Joe Bennett. He has since moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. His songs are still fed by the energy of this town. He's a troubadour of the tropics and his music is as diverse as the characters he sings about. From the rockin', damn the torpedoes anthem "Live Now Pay Later", to the infectious calypso party, "Jamaican Me Crazy". From the instant classic, "Last Night I Dreamed of New Orleans", to the epic masterpiece, "Fifty Dollar Treasure Map", his smusic is a voyage of adventure. Joe Bennett has lived these songs, so sign on for the cruise and you can live them for a while too!!


John Friday

John Friday, the Tropical Balladeer, is a singer/songwriter originally from Maryland, now living in Florida. After a back-breaking (literally) Army career, John settled in the Sunshine State where he pursues his musical dreams every night in the locals pubs and bars.
John has realized that (1) he never really grew up and never would, and (2) his childhood dreams of making music were still powerful. "Dreams...don't leave childhood without them!"


John Frinzi

Florida-based singer and songwriter John Frinzi has performed over 200 shows in the past twelve months either performing solo or with his band. A vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist, John performs originals and classic songs including favorites by Buffett, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills and Nash, James Taylor, Paul Simon and many more.
Frinzi’s previous CD of original songs, “Into the Dawn,” featured longtime Coral Reefer Band member, Doyle Grisham, on pedal steel guitar. For John’s current release, “Shoreline” he wrote and recorded new material with Tom Corcoran—author of the Alex Rutledge mystery series and co-writer of the Jimmy Buffett classics “Fins” and “Cuban Crime of Passion”.


John Patti

Originating from Baltimore, Maryland, John Patti has performed for crowds across the nation and the world! At age 3, he began banging on chairs, couches, tables and whatever made the most noise until he found his father’s old drum set which he used to teach himself to play drums throughout elementary and middle school.  John has shared stages with various recording artists over the years, including Grammy nominated Nadirah Shakoor, CMA finalist for “instrumentalist of the year” Doyle Grisham, Nashville based Michael Utley and world renowned pannist Robert Greenidge. As well as musical legend and inventor Les Paul in New York City.


Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band

Johnny Russler & the Beach Bum Band combine the tropical sounds of Caribbean rock, reggae, and calypso by pouring great original music along with songs by Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Sublime, Jimmy Cliff, Paul Simon, Jerry Jeff Walker, and many more into a musical blender to create a strong concoction direct from the lower latitudes!
The Beach Bum Band Band was started by Johnny Russler, whose personality and songwriting chart the course for the band's unique sound and energy. Add the diverse musical backgrounds and years of entertainment experience of the eight to twelve member Beach Bum Band, and you have a recipe for great music and a great evening of fun with your own Beach Party!


John Reno

John is a singer/songwriter from Fairhope, Alabama. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, John knew at an early age that music was his passion.  John is not your typical acoustic guitar playing singer songwriter. John’s musical style can be defined as trop rock – a mixture of rock-n-roll and country music with an island theme, and lyrics depicting a laid back lifestyle. John not only defines this musical genre – he lives it!  In addition to the island music, John also performs songs that show his “other side.”  These songs are a masterful blend of musical satire and humor and songs that are just plan funny. These are songs that poke fun at the human condition and highlight John’s personality.


Jonathan Birchfield

JB’s sound is a unique melding of Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Swing, Rockabilly, Jazz, and Americana. Over the past 25 years, he has shared the stage with great artists like Jimmy Buffett, Mac MaCanally, Brooks and Dunn, Tower of Power, Edwin McCane, Delbert McClinton, Peter Mayer, Robert Earl Keen, Guy Clark, and Townes VanZant.

True to JB’s vast musical influences, he has a band to reflect each mood. “All of my shows are about having fun and most of all celebrating music,” says Jonathan. he opportunities are endless.


Keith Sykes

Keith Sykes wears many hats in the music industry: singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, record company executive, etc. For 30 years, Keith has been a defining force in a business that for him continues to be first and foremost a passion. The fact that he’s able to make a living doing what he loves is just a bonus.

Bouncing around over the years from Memphis to New York City and Austin to Key West, Keith finally returned to Memphis to make a home and make a difference in the wonderful world that is Memphis music.


Kelly McGuire

A long time resident of the Clear Lake, TX (Houston/NASA) area, McGuire is known for his original ‘gulf coast flavored’ songs ranging from country to calypso/tropical, folk and rock. Listening to his music one notices a Jimmy Buffett influence and Kelly readily admits, “ after hearing Buffett sing about sailing and islands, I dreamed of getting a boat and writing songs about that whole lifestyle.” A few years later his dream began to materialize.
Kelly has been named "Entertainer of the Year" & "Songwriter of the Year" by various organizations, had his song "Wasted OnThe Young" in the Top 10 on the Texas Music Chart, received thousands of spins on Country Radio in the US & Europe and sold over 10,000 of his first CD "Redfish Island"


Kent Arnsbarger

Kent Arnsbarger, from NW Indiana, is a solo steel drummer/percussionist who has been performing caribbean island music professionally for the last 8 years all over the midwest. He has several albums on his website and iTunes which feature the tropical sounds and even the smell of salt water. Kent performs all of the parts on all of the tunes - being truly a one-man-band.  Being a classicaly trained percussionist from Indiana University School of Music, orchestral gigs were few and far between, drum set gigs were steady but the pay was so-so and the hours were terrible!! So Kent decided in 2004 to finally do what he envisioned doing back in 1996, play steel pan professionally. Of course that meant buying a drum, learning how to play it, arrange tunes, record them, and ultimately get out there and do it.   The road was sometimes long and full of curves, but in the first year he played 20 jobs. The 2nd 100. The 3rd and every year after, close to 150. “I have the best job in the world, no question!”.  His next goal is to actually visit the caribbean. Buy his albums to help that dream come true!!!



Jimmy Buffett meets Gloria Estefan - that's how fans describe Latitude's combination of well-crafted lyrics, contagious melodies, and great vocals. And that's just their original music!  Armed with an arsenal of over 500 songs, it seems like there's nothing this group can't do! From Jimmy Buffett to Janice Joplin, and from James Taylor to James Brown, Latitude provides an always refreshing "Latitude Adjustment", that combines the beach, dance and party favorites that will make even a toe tapper want to join the conga line!


Les Kerr

Les Kerr is a songwriter, recording artist and performer who brings blues, Rockabilly, New Orleans music, Zydeco, and bluegrass together to create his “Hillbilly Blues Caribbean Rock & Roll.” Now based in Nashville, Kerr was born in Louisiana and raised in Mississippi in Jackson and the Gulf Coast city of Pascagoula. As a solo artist and leader of Les Kerr & The Bayou Band, he headlines shows throughout the Southeast from Nashville to New Orleans and Memphis to Mobile!


"Lone Palm' Paul

While singer/songwriter "Lone Palm" Paul Tull can be caught playing in central Arkansas on a regular basis, he also performs at numerous Texas benefits and parties, most recently "Angels In Tropical Shirts" in Kemah, TX, benefiting Gilda's Club, on which he appears on the compilation CD.  A smooth, classic rock mix along with his original songs keeps the party going! You can also bet you will hear plenty of Tropical Rock (Trop-Rock) along with some classic country during a Lone Palm Paul set...Get you some today and become the newest LPP fan - we are!


Loren Davidson

"Escape Artist" Loren Davidson, after learning that life looks better when viewed through a glass of something tall and cold on a warm beach, began writing and singing about that life which so many of us hope to live someday. He has learned that "tropical attitude" can help you through the worst of times, from layoffs to "Dear John" letters, and that when you live life on "island standard time," every day can be a holiday. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Loren plays original music and cover tunes in ports from California to Key West.


Mac McAnally

If Mac McAnally never sang or played another note of music, his place in music history is more than assured. And yet an almost inevitable momentum seems to be taking his career and carrying it to places it has never been. The fact that two of country music's biggest stars have given McAnally an almost reverential nod speaks to just how much energy the celebrated songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and producer is developing as a recording artist
McAnally's recent signing to Show Dog Nashville, the young but immensely successful independent label owned and operated by Toby Keith. When a man with Keith's musical and business acumen puts his chips down, it means something. "There's nobody more respected, at least when it comes to musicians and people who really know this business, than Mac McAnally," Keith said of bringing McAnally to the company. "Getting to be a part of whatever Mac wants to do is an honor for me, and for everyone at the label."

Next at the podium, Kenny Chesney. The man who had already recorded McAnally's "Back Where I Come From" asked for a little help when he decided to cut Mac's "Down The Road." Powered by vocals from both artists, the song reached the No. 1 spot in the spring of 2009 and was nominated in the ACM Vocal Event category.


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson cut his teeth on bluegrass mandolin and guitar in the North Carolina highlands. A strict Bill Monroe devotee, Johnson's musical taste started veering left-of-center in the early 1980s when he discovered acts like New Grass Revival, The Seldom Scene, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, and Pat Matheny. Johnson found his stride as an artist after realizing he was better suited to precise fingerstyle and percussive rhythm playing rather than breakneck bluegrass flatpicking. For more than 12 years, he entertained audiences across the U.S. and Caribbean at resort hotels, universities, and arts centers.  His Mark Johnson cut his teeth on bluegrass mandolin and guitar in the North Carolina highlands. A strict Bill Monroe devotee, Johnson's musical taste started veering left-of-center in the early 1980s when he discovered acts like New Grass Revival, The Seldom Scene, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, and Pat Matheny.
Johnson found his stride as an artist after realizing he was better suited to precise fingerstyle and percussive rhythm playing rather than breakneck bluegrass flatpicking. For more than 12 years, he entertained audiences across the U.S. and Caribbean at resort hotels, universities, and arts centers. His "house gigs" included clubs in St. Croix, U.S.V.I., South Padre Island, Tx., and Vail, Col. When not touring in the 1990s, Johnson was a staff songwriter for Nashville's MCA Music Publishing, the Crosswind Corporation, and Orbison Productions.
His "Tallman" album was tracked at the fabled Black Horse Studios in Franklin, Tenn. The recording features a lineup of A-string Nashville players such as New Grass Revival founder and mandolinist Sam Bush, Grammy Award-winning songwriter Don Henry, fretless and acoustic bassist Craig Nelson, keyboard master Dirk Johnson, and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist John Foster.
Johnson has recently been tapped for The Country Music Hall of Fame's Words and Music program in which he co-writes music with school children from across the country and performs the songs at the landmark venue. He is also an award-winning non-fiction writer and photographer, is currently creating a children's music/multimedia project, and is writing his first fiction novel.


Mark Mulligan

OK amigos, here's the part where I'm supposed to tell you about all world tours I've headlined, from the U.S. to Europe to Antartica. About the stadium shows with standing room only crowds chanting my name and holding up lighters while I decide if I really want to play a third encore. Where I tell you all about my hit records that have knocked everyone from the Beatles to Britney off the charts.. But there's a slight problem.....I don't have any.

I ended up south of the border, singing and writing songs for a living in a truly magical place, raising my kids in a town I love, spending time in the water instead of in traffic, and singing for people who dance to my tunes one night and the next day join me for charitable work with the "Castaway Kids". Just think, if I had scored that hit record, I could be in rehab by now. Or maybe off trashing a hotel room and getting arrested for the tenth time.

I'm not a bar guy. Have no interest in singing a love song from the heart while some biker is puking on the pool table. What I am is a guy who loves to sing for folks who want meaning and heart in their music. Who want to hear about sunshine and beaches and sailboats and cantinas and all that fun stuff that life south of the border inspires me to write about. Not only those folks who live that dream, but those who dream about living it one day.


Micah Gardner

Micah J. Gardner is a singer/songwriter who hails from the Florida Keys. Unlike so many of the musicians in the local music scene, Micah has worked tirelessly to remain undefined through his original music for nearly a decade. Although a great deal has changed in the Keys since Buffett built his fortune with boat drinks and blown out flip-flops, Micah has bridged the gap with songs reflecting on the recent rash of hurricanes, famous fishing captains, infamous sharks, and, of course, island women. Drawing inspiration from reggae, bluegrass, ragtime, and folk artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Sublime, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, Devil Makes Three, The Wood Brothers, John Prine, Todd Snider and the Grateful Dead.... Micah enjoys the freedom to blend these styles to create his own form of island music.


Michael McCloud

A true Key West legend, Michael McCloud is the stage name of Michael Snyder, an American folk singer and songwriter who regularly performs at the Schooner Wharf Bar in Key West, Florida. His album, "Aint Life Grand" features the lead guitar playing of the late "Doctor" George Turner. He gained national attention after filing a formal complaint for copyright infringement against country music star Toby Keith in 2006. McCloud claims that Keith's 2003 hit song I Love This Bar "...was copied largely from (McCloud's) work, Tourist Town Bar."


Michael Sea

Nationally recognized singer/songwriter Michael Sea has been writing and performing songs with a tropical/nautical theme for the past 25 years. Michael’s lyrics from his first two albums tell stories both true and fanciful evoking exotic locales and bringing to life colorful characters like “Toucan Bill.” Music masters Island Fever bring the sound all together, contributing a driving rhythm section and tight harmonies. Island Fever features the talents of Bud Minton on bass, Don Parsons on drums, Bryan Weiss on percussion and JJ Jenkins ..boards.


Mike Aiken

Not many people get to live life on their terms. But that is exactly what singer/songwriter/sailor Mike Aiken has been able to do combining his three greatest passions in life, music, sailing and adventure. Now, with the release of Hula Girl Highway, Mike’s sophomore record for Aspirion/Northwind Records, he continues to cement his place as an authentic voice of a wayfaring lifestyle that most of us will only just dream about.
Mike is truly one of the lucky ones, living the life he sings about with his wife and musical partner, Amy, aboard a 42-foot cutter in the Norfolk, Virginia area. He’s as adept at tying nautical knots as he is painting musical memories and images of the places and people he’s met along his journey.


Mike Broward

Mike is a solo entertainer and a recent transplant to the Nashville, Tennessee area. He works in an nation-wide niche of music that caters to the Trop-Rock crowd. He does club dates and many fundraisers, concerts and songwriter shows.
Mike has been associated with ASCAP since 1991, as a writer and publisher, and through the years has been awarded popular panel awards 7 times. He has released three Trop-Rock solo CD's of his music, and has contributed guitar, vocal tracks and songs to 8 CD's in the last 9 years.
Mike also works as a free lance writer for Premier Guitar magazine doing product reviews and profiles.
Mike's music is heard around the world on different Trop-Rock desk-top radio stations, and was recently used on MTV.


Mike Miller

Mike Miller began performing professionally at the age of 15, in 1974. Mike has continued to do so either full-time or part time over the last 36 years. He attended Eastern Illinois University where he majored in jazz performance (trombone). When Mike first launched his career, his musician father’s advice to him was, "Son, if you can't be really good, be really versatile." Taking his father’s advice to heart, throughout his career, Mike has accomplished both and has played in numerous bands while playing a wide variety of instruments, including drums, keyboard, trombone, guitar and bass. The "constants" throughout Mike's career have been his extraordinary talents as both singer and songwriter.

In December of 1999, Mike met Jake Tatar and the two later formed the Trop Rock band The Boat Drunks. During his career with The Boat Drunks, Mike played bass guitar and sang lead vocals on his own songs. Mike has several hits songs with the band that are his own originals, some of which include the title cut of their first CD "This Ain't Duval Street," fan favorite "Hollow Man," "Wind it up," and "Big in Japan."

In the summer of 2008, Mike retired from The Boat Drunks and moved aboard his sailboat. Since then, he has been travelling up and down the East Coast from New York City to the Bahamas. During which time, he continues to write new music inspired by his travels and experiences and continues to do guest performances with The Boat Drunks at various music festivals and events.

In 2010, Mike felt he had written enough new material to launch his solo career and has now “un-retired” in support of his first CD as a solo artist, which is due for release on September 25, 2010.


Mo Brothers Band

Mo started playing piano at the age of 8 years old. Only one major problem-he hated to practice. After many fits thrown over the subject, his mom let him quit about age 10. He found music again at age 15 as a bassoonist in the high school band. Discovering there was little bassoon in rock music, he taught himself to play guitar and improvise.

Having played in bands from The Generation Gap to Stagecoach to Lickety Split to Decoy (none ever amounting to a hill of beans) Mo eventually started playing as a soloist.

Mo has won solo artist of the year from the Ozark music awards and duo (yep-duo with only one guy) of the year from the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards. He also was in the top 5 nationally in the Sirius Radio "Sing like Jimmy Buffett" contest


Mr. Myers

Mr. Myers plays "Caribbean Rock"- a mixture of Reggae, Calypso, Jimmy Buffett/beach music, and their own originals. In the Band's 30 Year career, they have played thousands of shows ranging from clubs to festivals, as well as corporate and Private events and cruises. They have traveled from Las Vegas to St. Thomas with many fun stops in between. The magic of Mr. Myers’ sound comes from bandleader Todd Donnelly’s steel drums- Mr. Myers was one of the first Midwestern bands to feature their beautiful sound. Todd also plays many solo shows, and his 2001 release “Warm Weather Music” features a more acoustic sound.


Nadirah Shakoor

The recipient of a Grammy Nomination, an MTV Video Award, The 2005 Artist for a Better World award, and the 2006 "Spirit of Youth" award, Nadirah Shakoor is best known as the former lead female vocalist of acclaimed hip hop group Arrested Development. In the last 13 years she has become well known and loved as the featured female vocalist of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band.

A seasoned professional, Nadirah has performed for thousands at stadiums, and such mega concert events as Lalapalooza, Womad and Woodstock II, not to mention the millions who have experienced one of her sultry, earthy performances on television. In more intimate venues her voice and style have been described as smooth, yet powerful and captivating.

Nadirah has traveled the world singing with major recording artist such as: Jimmy Buffett, Arrested Development, Al Jarreau, Janet Jackson, Speech, Paula Abdul, Jasmine Guy, Milli Vanilli, and Howard Hewet.

Nadirah's band "Outside Art, is made up of 5 very talented musicians. together their sound is one reminiscent of Old School Soul flavored by hot dance beats, African rhythms a little jazz and a little southern Rock paying homage to her Texas roots.


Parrot Island Band

Bry Harris, vocals/guitar
I have been playing guitar since I was 12. I attended my first Jimmy Buffett concert in 1977 when Jimmy opened for the Eagles. The next year Jimmy was the "headliner" and the Little River Band opened for him. I was hooked! I went to college at Old Dominion University and played guitar in local bars and restaurants. Although I moved onto more adult responsibilities (work, family,etc.) I guess I have always dreamed of playing and singing for people. Having Linda play steel drum with me is a great joy and we look forward to seeing what doors open for us in the coming year!
Kevin Garrelts, congas
Originally from Kearney, Nebraska - "Key West" Kev currently resides in Acworth, GA. While Kevin is currently playing percussion/conga with the band, he is a rhythm guitar player (and a darn good one!)
Linda Harris, steel drums
Bry and Linda have been married for almost 23 years and are enjoying their musical partnership as well. Linda plays steel drum, adding that "tropical feel" to the Parrot Island Band-duo's sound. Linda is a life-long musician and is the prettiest gal on Parrot Island!


Paul Roush

Playing the songs of some of the world's best singer-songwriters for over 30 years, Paul has been able to take all of those influences and develop his own particular songwriting style. Not one to make things up, most of his songs are based - at least somewhat - in true life experiences of the things he's done and the people he's known.

As the vocal front-man for several country bands in the 80's and 90's, and later for the highly successful Trop-Rock bands PHINS (winners of the 2008 Trop-Rock Horizon Award) and the 12 Volt Band, Paul decided in 2010 that it was time to venture out on his own, where he would have the opportunity to tell his stories his way, in his own time. In April of that year, he set up a series of house concerts featuring himself and everybody's favorite, Troy Allan. The success of those four shows led to appearances in Florida and Michigan that summer, as well as an increased presence back home in Missouri and neighboring Illinois.


Peter J

Singer/Songwriter, Peter J. started performing in 1978 playing folk, bluegrass and country music. Peter's first guitar was purchased by cashing in on the silver market that went through the roof around 1979. He took $98.00 in worthless silver coins and cashed them out for $993.00 and bought a Martin HD 28 which he still plays today.
Over the years Peter has written many songs but it was only after heading south during a major snow storm in the northeast and landing on the small island of Bonaire that he began writing island style music AKA Jimmy Buffett. Peter has visited the islands and the Keys of Florida many times and each time he comes back he sits and writes songs about island adventures and island romance.
Living on Island Time was recorded in 1992 at Bay Farm Studios, Kingston Ma. The Album was released in April of 2006. Peter is currently working on some new songs and plans to combine these with some old favorites for a new album. Peter resides in a small sea coast town with his wife Anne, two sons and two mischievous dogs.
Peter is currently working with Record Producer Brian Stratton.


Peter Mayer

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Peter Mayer has been quietly and steadily building a fervent following across the country, stepping outside his role as one of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefers to front his own band, The Peter Mayer Group. Melding a unique and eclectic writing style, a distinctive voice, and virtuoso musicianship, Peter and his band create compelling and accessible music that is electrifying in live performance.
The Peter Mayer Group boasts between them an extensive performing and songwriting portfolio with experience in any number of styles from jazz to country rock to classical.



PHINS, together since 2000, is a St. Louis, MO. based band featuring music with a tropical flavor – we take our audience on a musical vacation where the sun is shining on sugar-sand beaches, the water clear and warm, and the drinks ice cold. Our repertoire places heavy emphasis on the work of Jimmy Buffett, along with various artists/songs in the same genre, as well as an ever increasing compliment of originals!

Our members include Paul Roush on acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals; Jerry Turnbow ..board, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar and vocals; Alan Taylor on lead guitar; Charlie Wilson on bass and vocals; Jim Barks on congas, timbales and percussion; and John Ampleman on drums and vocals.

Although the band is based in Missouri, PHINS has performed in various locales over the years, ranging from Key West, Florida and Gulf Shores, Alabama to Put–In–Bay, Ohio and Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have had the distinct honor of sharing the stage with members of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band, including Michael Utley, Greg “Fingers” Taylor, and Tom Mitchell.

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