The Greatest Trop Rock
Songs Of All Time

Here it is, BeachBums....
the Top Trop Rock of All Time
as voted on by all of you!

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40  Long Time, No Sea  The Boat Drunks
39  Yea Mon  Jimmy and the Parrots
38  Worst Day Sailing  Loren Davidson
37  One Particular Harbour  Jimmy Buffett
36  Pile Of Wood Bob Karwin 
35  Songs You Know By Heart  Phins
34  Come Away To Belize With Me  Jerry Jeff Walker
33  Another Day In Paradise  Hugo Duarte
32  Meet Me In the Keys  Howard Livingston
31  I Stole Jimmy Buffett's TV Guide  Don Middlebrook
30  Lucky Enough  Scott Kirby
29  Take Me Down To the Tropics  Homemade Wine
28  Always Room In the Conga Line  Latitude
27  Sweet Midnight  John Frinzi
26  Life In the Laid Back Lane  Sunny Jim
25  Bahama Mama  Tropical Soul
24  Keep An Ocean Mind  Jambo Joe Bones
23  Life On the Gulf  Jake Thomas
22  Rita's Going Wild Tonight  John Friday
21  It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere  Alan Jackson (with Jimmy Buffett)
20  Tin Cup Chalice  Jimmy Buffett
19  The Floating Opera  Jim Morris
18  Callin' In Gone  Jim Hoehn
17  A Bar Down In Mexico  Mark Mulligan
16  Key Lime Limbo  Rob Mehl
15  Small Boats On Big Oceans  Jack Mosley
14  Magic Chair  John Reno
13  An Island Calling My Name  Latitiude
12  Postcard  St. Somewhere
11  A Pirate Looks At 40  Jimmy Buffett
10  No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem  Kenny Chesney
9  Cabana Boy  Sunny Jim
8  Boat In Belize  Kelly McGuire
7  Shoreline  John Frinzi
6  Toes  The Zac Brown Band
5  Laid Back and Key Wasted  Jim Morris & the Big Bamboo Band
4  Beach In My Backyard  Brent Burns
3  Hollow Man  The Boat Drunks
2  Margaritaville  Jimmy Buffett
1  Living On Key West Time  Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24